Analyst Expects Wireless Charging for Next Year’s iPhones

In a note cited by Barron’s, Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty has expressed her expectation, based on her recent meetings with suppliers in Asia, that wireless charging will be added to next year’s iPhones – and that higher-priced models will continue to offer more features.

As well as predicting, along similar lines as previous reports, that flexible AMOLED displays and glass backs will make it into the next iPhones, Huberty says that Apple will “add wireless charging that potentially extends the beam forming technology introduced in the W1 chip this year.”

She adds that the “meaningful form factor change” will allow Apple to capitalize on pent-up demand in China, while better battery life, derived from the AMOLED panels and the also expected inclusion of a new 10mn application processor, will especially encourage upgrades. 50% of smartphone users have cited battery life as their biggest reason for buying new handsets, she noted.

Huberty further remarked that, should Apple extend the next iPhone series to three or four models, including two with LCD screens and one or two with OLED displays, the company could “further segment pricing and pass through higher component costs to the customer”. This would help “gross margin risk”.

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