And Just What Is the Right Way to Honor Steve Jobs?

Just as everyone mourns differently, everyone remembers their loved ones who have passed on in a different way as well. Some people prefer to have themselves a good cry, and others prefer to raise a glass or two and have some laughs and smiles remembering the good times. Apple, though, is now deciding there is a right way and wrong way to honor Steve Jobs, and they get to decide how we should do it.

On the one-year anniversary of Steve Jobs’ death, Apple posted a video and letter from Tim Cook to their site. This was, they felt, the best way for them to honor one of their founders and the guy who left the company and came back to lead them out of a state of despair. It was a very fitting tribute to the man who has been referred to as a visionary.

Apple isn’t alone in wanting to pay tribute to Jobs though. Many Apple enthusiasts want to do the same, and they too want to do it in their own personal, and sometimes not so private way. We paid tribute here with a reprinting of a “a href'””>commencement speech Jobs gave as well as a look back at his legacy.

NushkaLabs had what they surely figured was also a unique way to honor Jobs. They created an app, as only an Apple fan could do. The app opens with what looks like a colorful burst of sunshine, and on each of the rays of the sun there is a pivotal moment of Jobs’ life. Clicking on a ray opens up to a retelling of that moment of his life.

According to, Apple didn’t feel the same way about the app commemorating Steve Jobs. It was rejected. NushkaLabs was told basically, “Thanks, but no thanks,” in the following:

“Thank you for submitting your app commemorating Steve Jobs.We appreciate your efforts honoring Steve. However, we’ve decided to honor his life in other ways and we are no longer accepting Steve Jobs apps.”

It’s a little ballsy of Apple to think we all need to commemorate Steve Jobs the same way they do. This wasn’t an app for Apple; this was an app for all of us. It’s in no way a poor representation. At the same time, there has been another Steve Jobs vs. Tim Cook Rap Video by Mondo. This time he’s not only battling Cook, but Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Bill Gates as well.

Let me preface this by saying I do think it’s extremely funny; however, if this was submitted as an app, I could see Apple rejecting it, despite the fact I think it’s hilarious, as I did the first one. I’ll add that as far as remembering Jobs goes, this goes with raising a glass or two.

But in a way, they’re all appropriate ways to honor Steve Jobs. What’s that quote? “Imitation is the best form of flattery?” The Mondo videos are honoring how extremely powerful Jobs was and how he is missed by all. The NushkaLabs app is pointing to his extremely strong legacy. Each of them are appropriate, and at least one of them should have been appropriate for selling un the App Store.

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