Android could soon show iMessage emoji reactions

Android could soon show iMessage emoji reactions, according to 9to5Google.

On iOS and macOS, users can react to messages sent via iMessage with a number of emoji – similar to how you can on Facebook Messenger – and when they send, they show up as annotations on messages. When they’re sent to a user who has Android, Google will display strange lines of code and text.

Naturally, this is confusing for those who don’t know how iMessage emoji reactions work and can lead to some awkward situations, so it’s good to hear that Google and Apple are working on a potential fix for users.

According to 9to5Google, the new version of Google Messages will now translate iMessage reactions into emoji. Although they won’t appear in the same way as they do on iOS, someone who ‘reacts’ with a love heart to your message will now send a love heart emoji to an Android user, rather than random codes that make little sense to the average user.

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