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Android Much More Malware-Prone Than iOS in Enterprise

Businesses can better protect themselves from malware by using iOS rather than Android devices, reveals a new report from security firm Skycure. In the enterprise, Android devices are almost twice as likely to become infected – despite, in the US, Apple devices being more than twice as popular.

Using data sourced from millions of monthly security tests from January through March 2016, Skycure’s Mobile Threat Intelligence Report for the year’s first quarter indicates that, in organizations, 5.7% of Android devices have high/medium severity malware. That figure is only 3% for iOS devices.

Worse, it has been found that, of the detected malware on Android devices, 76% is unique – and, therefore, more dangerous. Only 22% of such malware on iOS devices was found to be unique, making many security dangers that do arise on iOS easier for users to counter or avoid.

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