Angry Birds creator Rovio is developing a video-game streaming service

Angry Birds developer Rovio is developing a video-game streaming service

The Finland company behind the mega-hit mobile game Angry Birds has recently founded a new company called Hatch Entertainment, which will be dedicated to developing a subscription-based video-game streaming service for mobile.

Head of content at Hatch, Vesa Jutila, has high hopes for the ventures, claiming that Hatch will be “a totally new era in mobile gaming”. According to Jutila, “Hatch will be the only place where you can play, watch and share your favorite games”.

The app will be free and run with ads initially but will come with the option to pay for an ad-free subscription. All games will be streamed to the phone and require no downloading. Hatch have created a back-end cloud infrastructure which they believe is strong enough to enable streaming to users phones with zero latency.

Many developers are already on board with the project, including Ubisoft Mobile, BANDAI NAMCO, TAITO Corporation and Double Fine Productions.

They have announced that they will be performing a soft launch of the service for selected Android users early next year.

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