Angry Birds HD Offers Challenge With “King Pig Mode”

Angry Birds developer, Rovio, has been hard at work lately with updates to their impressive line-up of causal-yet-popular “bird flinging games.”

Recently, fans have been presented with a plethora of goodies like the “Piglantis” update to Angry Birds Seasons, and the subsequent upgrades to the newest title Angry Birds Space. Rovio has also given specific release information regarding the highly anticipated “Red Planet” update which is slotted to hit Angry Birds Space soon.

But developers haven’t stopped there and have now turned their focus towards the original game that started it all. The release of the iPad HD saw a revamp to the original Angry Birds, with Rovio pushing out a remastered version called Angry Birds HD. This new HD version (and apparently only the HD version) will be getting a variety of new game modes to help spice things up for players who have already done all there is to do in the base title.

One of the new game modes has already been released according to Rovio’s Facebook Page. You can unlock the “King Pig Mode” in one of two ways; for dedicated hardcore birds fans, you’ll get access to this mode by managing to receive three stars on every level of the original title. However, considering there are so many levels, and some of them are just downright hard, it’s going to be a fairly long and tedious task to get this done.

If you’re the casual gamer, who wants to enjoy this mode without all that hardcore work, then you can grab the official King Pig Mode launcher toy from This little toy will not only unlock the mode for you, but it can also be used as a “mock stylus” to help you launch your protagonists. it’s not too bad, at around 11.99 USD, and you’ll even get a free copy of the game if you don’t already have it.

But what exactly is King Pig Mode? Simply put, it changes all of your bird avatars into those pesky pigs and all of the original pigs into bird eggs.  In this mode you’ll act like a hungry piggy, launching yourself high through the air in order to secure some dinner. Its pretty imaginative on Rovio’s part and a pretty hilarious and welcome upgrade to what many considered “old news.” You can grab the HD version of Angry Birds in the App store for 2.99 if you don’t plan on buying the toy.

Photo Credit: AppAdvice.Com

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