Angry Birds Star Wars Released!

Rovio’s highly anticipated Angry Birds Star Wars has finally appeared in the Apple App Store! I have been incredibly amped for this release, because I’m a bit of a Star Wars nerd myself. I spent a little over an hour with the release already and I can tell you that it is possibly the most visually beautiful Angry Birds release to date. Everything is so detailed, and the visuals are spot-on for a lot of the Star Wars lore.

In my own opinion this is easily the most entertaining Angry Birds title to date. All of the powers and levels are very well thought out and they all culminate into a unique, innovative experience. I don’t really want to spoil to much for you so I won’t go into heavy details. The story follows along to the original Star Wars, titled A New Hope, and is actually pretty spot on with the original Lucas Films plot. The events even fold out in order, so it feels like you are living the Star Wars story, Angry Birds style.

You can grab the Angry Birds Star Wars epic right now from the App Store for the iPhone for USD 0.99. But if you want the best visual experience you should shell out USD 2.99 for the HD version, playable on the iPad 3 and iPad 4. It’s only a few dollars more, and it’s definitely worth it.

Stay tuned to AppleMagazine as we bring you a full feature outlining the new title in our Novermber 16th issue!

Photo Credit: Rovio

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