Animoji karaoke takes over social media

Since the launch of the iPhone X on Friday, something dubbed Animoji Karaoke has been taking over social media, ranging from voice overs to complete music videos.

Animoji are custom animated characters that use your voice and mirror your exact facial expressions via the iPhone X’s TrueDepth camera. Users can create Animoji recordings up to 10 seconds long in the Messages app, but iOS 11’s new screen recording feature allows for much longer clips.

The concept was created by  technology reporter Harry McCracken and from there social media has seen a wave of videos with animated characters singing different songs.

It’s easy to create your own Animoji Karaoke. Simply play a song loud enough for your iPhone’s microphone to pick it up while you lip-sync. After messaging your chosen animoji, tap on it and tap on the iOS share sheet to save it as a video.

You can even thread together a few different animoji clips and add post-production features, depending on how creative you’re feeling.

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