App Makers Should Be Forced to Cater for BlackBerry Owners, Claims Boss

BlackBerry boss John Chen has said that app makers developing software for iOS and Android should be forced to cater for BlackBerry owners too. Chen wrote to the US Congress to express his wishes, saying that various developers were “discriminating” against his company. However, his demands have been branded “ludicrous”.

Chen said the principle of “net neutrality” – which means that ISPs should deem no online traffic as more important than any other – should be extended to cover app development too. He said that app developers should be legally obliged to make their software work on BlackBerry devices. This would mean that companies who don’t offer BlackBerry apps such as Netflix would be forced to co-operate. Chen said that a “two-tiered” system was currently in operation, giving the likes of Samsung, Google and Apple an unfair advantage over their competitors.

Critics have ridiculed Chen’s suggestions, saying that no-one should be forced to create apps for companies who didn’t excite them or won’t necessarily help them make any money. Experts say that developers have to choose which operating systems they will work with carefully, especially in a climate where they are being asked to produce more and more versions of their software.

Do you think developers should be forced to comply with BlackBerry’s wishes? Perhaps you think that BlackBerry have had their day? Is there any reason why BlackBerry should be given special treatment over any other struggling tech manufacturer? Give us your thoughts below.

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