App Store Connect Analytics Upgrade: Apple Introduces Peer Group Benchmarks Apple introduces Peer Group Benchmarks for developers in the upgraded App Store Connect Analytics, enhancing insights and performance tracking.

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The App Store Connect platform has launched new “peer group benchmarks” in App Analytics, which offers developers a powerful tool to improve the performance of their apps by comparing them with similar apps.

The web-based suite of tools called App Store Connect is designed to enable members of the Apple Developer Program to submit, upload, and manage their apps on the App Store, in addition to accessing app analytics and sales reports, and inviting users to test their apps with TestFlight, among other features.

The new benchmarks allow developers to contextualize their app’s performance and compare it with relevant apps on the App Store. The peer groups are created based on attributes such as category, business model, and download volume. The comparison results include key metrics like conversion rate, crash rate, retention rate, and average proceeds per paying user, among others. Peer group benchmarks are defined in the standard app metrics in App Analytics and are displayed in weekly intervals.

Peer group benchmarks provide valuable insights into the customer journey, enabling developers to identify what works well in their app and areas that need improvement. Using industry-leading differential privacy techniques, peer group benchmarks provide relevant and actionable insights, while keeping the performance of individual apps private.

The new peer group benchmarks also offer developers ways to help improve their app’s performance, including setting up product page optimization tests to improve conversion rates, creating custom product pages, localizing their app and product pages, evaluating pricing strategies to improve proceeds per paying user, pinpointing potential issues to reduce the crash rate, and using TestFlight to collect user feedback to address these issues.

In addition, developers can offer in-app events to encourage engagement, and review their app’s onboarding experience to help improve user retention.

These new features are part of Apple’s continued efforts to support and empower developers in creating high-quality apps that enhance the user experience.

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