App Store Connect submissions to remain open through holidays

Apple typically shuts down its App Store Connect program over the holidays to give staff time off to spend with loved ones, but this year the Cupertino company is taking a different approach.

For the first time, Apple will not close App Store Connect and allow submissions through the holiday period, though the company has warned that there might be additional delays due to a shortage of staff.

Posting on the Apple Developer website, the company said that although developers should still send in time-sensitive updates early, it’s now possible to submit content over the Christmas and Thanksgiving period.

“This year, we’re pleased to continue accepting submissions in App Store Connect throughout the upcoming holidays,” the company said.

“Make sure your apps are up to date and ready for the busiest season on the App Store. Due to anticipated high volume, plan to send time-sensitive submissions early. Please note that reviews may take longer to complete from November 24 to 28 and December 23 to 27.”

Last year, Apple closed App Store Connect between 23rd to 27th December. At this time, developers were unable to submit new apps or have existing apps updated on the App Store.

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