App Store supported more than $500 billion in sales around the world in 2019

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Apple has revealed that the App Store has helped facilitate more than $500 billion in sales.

Citing a new App Store study from independent economics at Analysis Group, Apple confirmed that it supported more than $519 billion in billings and sales last year alone, with ecommerce, digital goods and services, and in-app advertising coming out in top billing.

The study confirmed that direct payments made to developers from Apple were only a small part of the overall total of sales from other sources, like physical goods and services. And as Apple only receives a cut from billings associated with digital goods, more than 85% of the $519 billion revenue is distributed to third-party developers and brands around the world.

Speaking of the news, Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, said that: “The App Store is a place where innovators and dreamers can bring their ideas to life, and users can find safe and trusted tools to make their lives better. In a challenging and unsettled time, the App Store provides enduring opportunities for entrepreneurship, health and well-being, education, and job creation, helping people adapt quickly to a changing world. We’re committed to doing even more to support and nurture the global App Store community — from one-developer shops in nearly every country to businesses that employ thousands of workers — as it continues to foster innovation, create jobs, and propel economic growth for the future.”

$413 billion of the revenue was made up of physical goods and services that were sold inside of iOS apps. Inside of that category, mobile commerce generated $268 billion. Retail apps from brands like Target and Best Buy made up the rest of the physical goods sales.

Some interesting statistics from the latest report:

  • Travel apps accounted for $57 billion
  • Ride-hailing apps generated $40 billion in sales
  • Food delivery companies generated $31 billion in revenue
  • Digital goods and services generated $61 billion combined
  • In-app advertising sales accounted for $45 billion

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