App Tracking Transparency changes will begin in next version of iOS 14

Apple has confirmed that it will begin to roll out its App Tracking Transparency privacy update as part of the next version of iOS 14, and developers can experiment with the changes in an upcoming iOS 14 beta. That means we’ll see the update in the spring.

The company had previously hoped to launch the update alongside the release of iOS 14 in September of last year, but Apple then delayed the launch the give developers more time to prepare their apps and software.

Under the App Tracking Transparency protocol, developers will need to ask for user’s permission before they can track their activity across other apps and websites, and collect their device’s random advertising identifier, which will make it hard for some third-party advertisers and data collection companies to monitor users’ activity.

When the service goes live, users will be asked whether they want an app to track them across the web, with the default option being “Ask App not to Track”. Should users choose this option, Apple will automatically block the app’s developer from accessing the user’s device’s random advertising identifier, and failing to adhere to this change will result in their app being permanently removed from the App Store.

Are you looking forward to this feature rolling out? Let us know and check back soon.

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