Apparently I’m Not Very Geeky

The Idego sitehas developed a way to test your geekiness, or your GQ, as it were, your Geekiness Quotient. It wants to know if you were an early adopter of the some of the big social networking sites out there. I found out I’m not as big of a nerd as I thought I was. Take THAT “other kids I went to school with.” Won’t they be surprised?

Logging in to Idego asks if you are an “Early Adopter” and sets you up with four of the big social networking sites. Granted, the big daddy of them all, Facebook, isn’t included, and I know that one would have me clearly identified as a nerd. As I know I was on there way before it was the cool thing to do.

The sites it offers up are Instagram, FourSquare, GitHub, and Twitter. I’ve never used Instagram, simply because I don’t need to. I have Facebook. The same goes for FourSquare. I can just tell people where I am by checking in with Facebook. I’ve never even hear of GitHub, so I can’t figure out if that makes me more or less geeky.

However, I was also on Twitter fairly early, and in fact I was on there when it was used simply for correspondence, and before it became a tool for people to use for news and research. It definitely wasn’t the cool thing it eventually came to be once Ashton Kutcher joined.

This is where I’m stuck and will just have to pass through life not knowing how much of an Early Adopter I am. The site allows you to sign in with those sites, and it tells you the number you are on the site, as if everyone was assigned a number starting with one from the time they signed in. It also tells you what percentage you’re in and gives you a rank.

Going to Idego now gives you a message telling you the Twitter link was disabled because they exceeded Twitter’s rate limit. Since I’m not on the other sites, I can’t check those either. I’m forever in Nerd limbo. But if you’re a member of the other three sites, check it out to find out if you’re as nerdy as you think you are, or as everyone else thinks you are.


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