Apple Accelerates AI Recruitment Drive; Generative AI Expected to ‘Revolutionize’ iPhone As Apple has imposed restrictions on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) tools such as OpenAI's ChatGPT among its employees, it has concurrently ramped up its own endeavours in the field of generative AI.

Apple Park
Apple Park | Cupertino CA

Notably, the tech giant has listed 28 new job positions specifically focused on AI, all within the first three weeks of May. The new roles range from senior engineers to research scientists and special project managers. Reflecting on the larger strategy, Apple envisages generative AI as the next big leap that will “redefine Apple’s mobile computing platforms”.

The surge in AI job openings, first observed by TechCrunch, suggests an accelerated push by Apple in this domain. While the company’s size and continuous hiring policy imply a constant presence of AI-related job openings, the listing of 28 new positions with a focus on “generative AI” within such a short span is indeed noteworthy.

In total, there are 88 job vacancies bearing “AI” in the title. More than a third of these have been posted this month, and over half were added as of March 2023, indicating that Apple is rapidly gearing up its AI capabilities.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has refrained from sharing explicit details regarding the company’s upcoming AI initiatives. However, he has expressed significant interest in generative artificial intelligence, acknowledging the potential issues with technologies like ChatGPT, while also expressing confidence and enthusiasm about the future of AI at Apple.

According to insider sources at 9to5Mac, Apple is actively exploring new natural language-generation features for Siri, and the recent job postings align with this pursuit.

The influx of these AI job listings, coupled with their variety and timeliness, further substantiates Apple’s ongoing efforts in developing natural language AI and generative AI that can be seamlessly integrated across its various platforms and services.

Overhead view of Apple Park

Most of these AI job openings are in Cupertino, but several positions are also available in San Diego, Austin, Seattle, and other locations.

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