Apple accidentally leaks new version of Logic on website

Apple has accidentally revealed a new version of its audio workstation software Logic Pro X on its retail website, according to a post from logic-thrw-1892 on the Logic subreddit.

The user uploaded a screenshot of the software found on the website, showing off new features that are not yet available as part of the software.

Speaking of the find, the user said: “I was on Apple’s site looking for something unrelated, and I stumbled across an interesting screenshot on the education products page.

“It looks like Logic to me, but using a view that for the life of me I have no idea how to find and I used to be a certified Logic trainer!

“The only possibilities I can come up with are that it’s not Logic, I’m an idiot, or someone at Apple really screwed up and used a prerelease version to create the screenshot.”

It appears as though option three is the most likely, with Apple quickly replacing the leaked screenshot on its website with an older version of Logic Pro X.

Right now, users can only use Live Loops in Logic Pro X is to share a project from GarageBand from iOS; the macOS app does not currently support the feature natively, but it looks as though an upcoming release would make that possible for the very first time.

Apple issued a minor update to Logic Pro X in November with the launch of 10.4.8, fixing some bugs, and the company issues an update every three to four months.

That could mean a new version of the software, featuring support for Live Loops, is just around the corner. In fact, it could be possible that Apple showcases the new features at its online-only WWDC.

Last week, Apple ramped up promotion of its popular digital audio workstation and MIDI sequencer software by introducing 90-day free trials for the first time, presumably to help those who are working from home because of the ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.

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