Apple acquires Scout FM, a startup that creates smart podcast stations

Apple is reportedly ramping up its podcasting efforts by acquiring the Scout FM startup, which offered smart stations for podcast listeners, allowing users to find new content.

When questioned by Bloomberg, a spokesman for Apple confirmed the acquisition, but in typical Apple fashion, the company provided no additional details. All we know for certain is that the startup was acquired by Apple earlier in the year, and that Apple has been slowly increasing its focus on Podcasts to better compete with its competition over at Spotify.

What’s particularly interesting about Scout FM and its technology is that, rather than encouraging consumers to subscribe to an individual podcast or show, it creates unique podcast stations and playlists that are centered around topics like technology or fashion.

Using artificial intelligence, the software can determine the tastes and preferences of users and suggest relevant content accordingly. The app has since been removed from the App Store, but prior to Apple’s acquisition, it worked with CarPlay and Alexa, which could help Apple to reach consumers on multiple platforms and increase its podcast market share.

Separate reports suggest that Apple has been working on exclusive podcast content that is centered around its TV shows such as The Morning Show. The company is also considering offering funding for up-and-coming developers to allow them to produce exclusive content.

Are you excited to see Apple ramp up its podcast efforts? Let us know and check back soon.

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