Apple adds over 40 recruits to its health clinic AC Wellness

Apple adds over 40 recruits to its health clinic AC Wellness

Apple has devoted many efforts to healthcare in recent years, but it’s not just customers who can anticipate feeling better as a result. The company has quickly added more than 40 people, including nurses, nutritionists and care navigators, to its employee-focused subsidiary AC Wellness.

This rapid recruiting drive has been revealed by a LinkedIn search cited by CNBC. AC Wellness is aptly-named, because – as also reflected by the profile of its new personnel – it is aimed at looking after the wellness, rather than simply health, of Apple’s workers in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Indeed, in the latest round of recruiting, doctors are actually outnumbered by exercise coaches, care navigators, nutritionists and nurses. Though AC Wellness started advertising the vacancies in February, it has seemingly since filled many of them, particularly in the last three months.

The initiative is spearheaded by Apple’s Sumbul Desai, according to who CNBC call “several people familiar with the group”. Unlike on-site medical clinics at other tech firms like Intel and Facebook, AC Wellness focuses on care rather than simply treating disease.

This is in-keeping with how Apple has recently bulked out its stock Health app on iPhones. In 2016, this app was given a Mindfulness section to go with the parts dedicated to such traditional health-based matters as physical activity and nutrition.

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