Apple Adds iPhone-Ready Virtual Reality Kit to Online Store

As noticed by Business Insider, Apple has quietly added the View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack, an iPhone-compatible VR headset kit, to its online store. And what a promising little thing it is…

As the product’s page in the online store clarifies, this pack includes the View-Master Virtual Reality Viewer and a Preview Reel – which, together with any iPhone model dating back to the iPhone 5, enable “immersive adventures in virtual reality”, with “a whole new level of realism” and “360-degree views that completely surround you”.

The “completely kid-friendly” device is priced at $29.95 and, though reportedly not available in Apple’s bricks and mortar retail stores, has been dubbed by Business Insider as “the first VR product that Apple has sold in recent memory”. It could merely hint at what is to come; in the lead article in the new issue of AppleMagazine, we look closely at the evidence that Apple is working on exciting VR applications.

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