Apple adds original Apple Watch to list of vintage products It's the end of an era

Apple has added the original Apple Watch to its list of vintage and obsolete products.

The company’s original smartwatch, released back in 2015, was sold in 38mm and 42mm variants, and it’s now been added to the vintage list. It’s the first time an Apple Watch has been included in the list, and signals that Apple no longer supports the model and encourages users to upgrade.

Following the launch of the original Apple Watch more than six years ago, Apple released the Series 2 in 2016, and since then has updated the watched every year in September or October. Apple has already announced the Apple Watch Series 7, but it’s yet to receive an official release date from the company following manufacturing delays brought about by chip shortages and the pandemic.

Apple adds items to its vintage list when they’ve not been on sale for more than six years ago, and after seven years, they become obsolete. This typically means that they’re no longer eligible to be repaired by Apple Apple Authorized Service Providers, although in some territories where extended warranties and repairs are law, it might still be possible to have an Apple Watch fixed or replaced.

Are you sad to see the original watch discontinued? Let us know and check back soon for more.

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