Apple adds original iPad Pro to vintage products list


Apple will add the original iPad Pro to its vintage products list this month.

According to a new memo that has been sent to Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers, the company has made the product vintage. The company labels products “vintage” once it’s been five years since they were last sold, and changes the way the company and service providers repair such devices. Apple previously cut off servicing for vintage products entirely, but recent changes mean they’re eligible for repair for an additional two years.

Apple first released the iPad Pro back in 2015, and it featured a 12.9-inch display as well as an optional Smart Keyboard for iPad and the Apple Pencil. The company has made some significant changes to the iPad Pro since it first launched, with the latest models featuring the new M1 chip that’s also included in the MacBook range, demonstrating the power creep.

As well as labelling the iPad Pro as vintage, Apple will also classify the Apple TV HD as vintage from the end of this month, despite the fact the company still offers the device for sale on its website. The 32GB models of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will also be labelled as vintage from the end of this month, as newer smartphones enter the fold.

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