Apple adds special Celebrating Steve video to YouTube channel

Earlier in the week, Apple paid tribute to Steve Jobs, who died ten years ago, on its website.

The company transformed its homepage with a letter signed by Steve Jobs’ family, as well as a video called Celebrating Steve, which featured unique moments from his life to celebrate his extraordinary career.

Now, the Cupertino company has shared the Celebrating Steve memoir on YouTube for all to view.

The three-minute clip looks back at some of the biggest moments in Steve’s career, including the introduction of the first-ever Mac back in 1984, the iPod in 2001, the iconic launch of the iPhone in 2007, and the announcement of the MacBook Air back in 2008.

The music featured in the three-minute clip is Juliet’s Dream by Abel Korzeniowski.

Steve Jobs’ impact on Apple and its success have been well documented over the past decade, and today the entrepreneur is rightly revered as something of an icon. Defined as one of the greatest inventors of the last century, Steve Jobs was the powerhouse behind the original Macintosh back in 1948, the first consumer computer with a graphical user interface.

Although the idea didn’t originate with Jobs, he managed to pack ideas and concepts from researchers into a revolutionary computer, adding a few touches of his own. Typography on screen can also be credited to Jobs. Whilst it was never his original intention to offer users the ability to add multiple fonts to their operating systems, he took a course in calligraphy at college “because he was bored,” and thus added the option to display multiple fonts on the Mac.

And how can we forget the mouse? Again, though Jobs didn’t invent the mouse as such, he helped to develop the one-button mouse for the original Macintosh, which offered a much simpler user experience than the mice he’d worked with during a visit to Xerox PARC. Years on from the original mouse, he developed the Mighty Mouse and Magic Mouse, now iconic mice that are used by millions of professionals, students, and consumers worldwide.

Make sure you read this week’s issue of AppleMagazine for an in-depth look at Steve’s career, as we ask the question: What would Apple look like today if Steve Jobs was still at the helm?

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