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Apple Agrees to Rent Large Office Space in San Francisco

Apple has reportedly signed a deal to rent approximately 76,000 square feet of office space in San Francisco. It is unclear why the company is moving into the city, though desires to better accommodate Apple’s workforce there or dedicate more space for work on Apple Music have been speculated.

According to real estate sources cited by the San Francisco Business Times, this new office space for Apple will be at 235 Second Street in the South of Market area. It would be the first time that Apple establishes operations in San Francisco, but the company has kept tight-lipped about the deal, leaving the precise details of those operations to mere speculation… at least for now.

Intriguingly, Beats Music, before Apple bought it last year, started leasing about 26,000 square feet of space in the city’s Dogpatch neighborhood, a deal which expires in 2017. This has led AppleInsider to suggest that Apple could be preparing to extend office space for further work on Apple Music.

Alternatively, the company could simply be taking up the space for the convenience of its staff who live locally. AppleInsider has also pointed out that, in 2013, the company primarily based in Cupertino said that 14% of its employees were San Francisco residents reliant on commuting or Apple buses. The new office space is said to be large enough to hold about 400 to 500 workers.

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