Apple AirPods Are Now Available Online

Despite recent whispers about additional testing and delays, the Airpods are now available for purchase online. This very sudden release may indicate that Apple are looking to capitalize on the holiday season. Tim Cook originally stated that the delay from the October launch was because they wanted to work on the technology a bit longer to make sure they weren’t shipping an inferior product.

The Apple Airpods are wireless earbuds that come with amazing audio quality, as well as full audio sync for both earbuds. Unlike BluTooth earphones, the Airpods use absolutely no wires and instead operate with two separate signals for better connectivity.


The Airpods have been designed to be compatible with all Apple devices operating with iOS 10 or higher. They can even communicate with Siri; simply double-tap the Airpods and ask Siri a question.

The revolutionary new earphones will be made readily available in Apple Stores, Apple Authorized resellers and other carriers sometime next week, so get yourself to the front of the queue, because these are going to be in very high demand over Christmas.

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