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Rumor: Apple’s AirPower mat to be released next month

A number of rumors suggest Apple’s highly anticipated AirPower mat could finally be released in March. According to Japanese publication Mac Otakara, the wireless charging mat’s release is on the horizon, and we couldn’t be more excited.

With the release of the iPhone X, it feels as though Apple has let other projects slip. They were among the last of the major tech companies to release a home assistant come speaker, and now they are again behind on the release of a wireless charging mat. However, when Apple finally released their HomePod, it was regarded by many as the best on the market, so perhaps their wireless charging map will also be a step ahead of the competition.

The Japanese publication’s claim echoes those made by The Apple Post earlier this month. Mac Otakara certainly has a good track record when it comes to predictions, however, the launch has not been confirmed by an official source yet. The price of the wireless charging mat is also yet to be confirmed.

The AirPower mat was originally unveiled last September, alongside the iPhone 8 and it can be used to charge iPhones, AirPods and Apple Watches. It is the only wireless charging mat the can charge three devices simultaneously.

Will you buy an AirPower mat even though there are cheaper alternatives?

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