Apple Aligns with Major Tech Giants in New US AI Safety Effort Apple has stepped into the forefront of artificial intelligence (AI) safety by joining a new US government-led consortium. This initiative, under President Biden's directive, aims to set the stage for safe AI development across the nation.

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The federal government has introduced the “US AI Safety Institute Consortium” (AISIC), a groundbreaking move to ensure the responsible evolution of artificial intelligence technology.

Announced by US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo, the initiative stems from an executive order aiming for the United States to pioneer the safe development of AI. “The US government has a significant role to play in setting the standards and developing the tools we need to mitigate the risks and harness the immense potential of artificial intelligence,” Raimondo emphasized. The consortium is designed to achieve safety standards and protect the innovation ecosystem within the country, according to Raimondo’s statement.

Apple, traditionally reserved in its involvement with such coalitions, has confirmed its participation alongside approximately 200 other entities, including tech giants, defense contractors, educational bodies, and energy firms. The consortium boasts names like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Meta, and many others, highlighting the breadth of industries committed to this cause.

The initiative is a direct response to an executive order that outlines six key principles for AI development. These include mandatory sharing of safety test results by AI developers, the creation of standards and tools for AI safety, the prevention of AI in creating hazardous biological materials, protection against AI-enabled fraud, the establishment of an advanced cybersecurity program, and a directive for a National Security Memorandum focused on AI and security.

This consortium marks a significant step towards implementing the executive order’s goals. However, the specifics of membership tiers and the exact requirements for participant involvement remain under wraps.

This move comes ahead of an international effort to establish safe AI development frameworks, with the relationship between these two endeavors still unclear.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has also indicated that the company will introduce generative AI features in 2024, hinting at enhancements to Siri among other innovations, backed by Apple’s history of acquiring AI companies.

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