Apple and Steve Jobs memorabilia auction closes, generating hundreds of thousands of dollars

Steve Jobs book

Several pieces of memorabilia from Apple’s early days and late company co-founder Steve Jobs’ life have been up for auction this week, ultimately selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

One of the most popular items was a rare Apple Computer check carrying the signatures of both Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, for a payment of $3,430 for Apple II components. The check, dated July 15, 1976, sold for $131,138, a more than five-fold jump on its estimated price.

Another big hit at auction was a Steve Jobs Atari job application, which sold for $130,000, much less than its estimate. Question marks over the item’s authenticity meant that it ended up changing hands for some $200,000 less than was paid for it last year.

Other items that sold for vast amounts of money included a signed Steve Jobs autograph note to ‘Brian Miller’, and an issue of Macworld #1 also adorned with Jobs’ signature. Also finding new owners were an Apple-1 computer manual, a Steve Jobs signed high school yearbook, a special edition Bob Marley iPod Classic (first generation), and an assortment of other business cards and prototypes.

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