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Apple and the Art of Engineering Perfection

The almost imperceptible touches behind Apple’s world-leading extras

The little touches that make Cupertino’s accessories world-beaters
America’s first trillion-dollar company didn’t come to acquire such a status by accident; indeed, one of California’s finest imports is renowned, some may say notorious, for the utterly impeccable attention to detail that it devotes to its design and engineering processes. It’s a philosophy that applies as strongly to the company’s accessories as it does to the main products we all know and love.

Another characteristic that has long typified Apple’s approach to the creation of its reliably world-conquering hardcore, software and extras is secretiveness, although the previously nigh-on impenetrable veil adopted so religiously by the Cupertino firm has become a little more translucent in recent years.

iMac Pro

This is in large part thanks to such publications giving an insight into the company’s inner operations as Adam Lashinsky’s Inside Apple: How America’s Most Admired and Secretive Company Really Works and Ken Kocienda’s Creative Selection: Inside Apple’s Design Process During the Golden Age of Steve Jobs. Together, these books and other recollections by former Apple staffers and insiders paint a picture of a company continuing to diligently follow a Product Development Process that can be reasonably described as one of the most successful design processes in world history […]

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