Apple announces App Attest to reduce fraud on the App Store platform iOS 14 will be the most secure platform in the world.

Apple has confirmed that it will introduce a new feature in iOS 14 to prevent App Store fraud.

The new DeviceCheck feature is called App Attest and is designed to improve the security of apps on the App Store platform. DeviceCheck came with iOS 11 and was designed to help developers reduce the fraudulent use of their apps on the App Store, and now, Apple is introducing even more functionality to ensure that apps aren’t being used illegitimately.

App Attest will introduce a new API to the framework, which will reduce the inappropriate use of developer servers. Announcing the new tool in its developer documentation, Apple says that apps can be modified and shared outside of the App Store, and versions of those apps can introduce features that break away from the core purpose of the app.

For example, a user could jailbreak an iPhone and load it with a premium Spotify subscription, or unlimited currency on Candy Crush. This new service is designed to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

In iOS 14, Apple will verify the integrity of an app via cryptographic keys. Once the key has been verified, the developer can then check to see whether an app has been tampered with.

Of course, this isn’t a bulletproof solution – Apple admits that “no single policy can eliminate all fraud,” but says that App Attest should come some way in helping out developers.

Apple will launch iOS 14 this October, following the launch of the iPhone 12 smartphones.

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