Apple announces App Store price increases

App Store

Apple has announced plans to increase App Store prices in some markets.

The company has confirmed that App Store apps and in-app purchases will increase prices in countries and territories that use the euro due to the currency’s weakness against the US dollar, potentially making subscriptions much more expensive.

The company has also confirmed that other markets will see in-app purchases increase, such as Pakistan, Poland, South Korea, Sweden, Japan, and Vietnam, due to fluctuating currencies.

Unlike some online marketplaces, developers can’t control the price of their apps: instead, Apple offers some preset tiers that apps and in-app purchases can be charged at. It’s the tiers that will see price increases, meaning the average €0.99 app will increase to €1.19, whilst an app or in-app purchase worth €999 will climb to €1,199.

Apple adjusts App Store pricing tiers worldwide and updates developers of this news before doing so. It’s worth noting that auto-renewing subscriptions won’t see price increases. Still, those who unsubscribe from in-app purchases and resubscribe will be charged a higher rate, so it’s worth holding onto current subscriptions for now.

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