Apple announces MagSafe Battery Pack for iPhone 12

Apple has dropped a new MagSafe Battery Pack for the iPhone 12 range of smartphones.

The company teased that it was working on its own battery pack last year, and now, almost nine months since the release of the device, and after many competitors have launched their own battery packs, Apple’s is here.

The new battery pack is designed to attach magnetically to the back of an iPhone 12, and is available in white.

The pack has an 11.13Wh battery which will allow for a partial recharge of an iPhone. The iPhone 12‌ has a 10.78Wh battery but because of the inefficiency of Qi wireless charging, there’s the potential of power loss.

When the MagSafe Battery Pack‌ is on the go, it’ll charge at 5W, but jump to 15W when charged up.

What’s interesting to note is that the new MagSafe Battery Pack‌ can be charged at the same time as an iPhone wirelessly and via a plug, meaning it’s the first iPhone product to offer reverse wireless charging. Some had suspected that the company included reverse wireless charging capabilities in the iPhone 12 based on FCC filings, and now that’s all but confirmed, though it’s likely to remain exclusive to Apple-branded accessories.

Users will need to upgrade to iOS 14.7 or later to use the new accessory, and they can view the charging status of the MagSafe Battery Pack‌ from their Home Screen or Batteries widget.

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