Apple announces new commitment to renewable energy production

As part of Apple’s commitment to becoming carbon neutral, the company confirmed today (April 1) that 110 of its manufacturing partners now use 100% renewable energy.

Although Apple’s own facilities have been carbon neutral for three years, the company confirmed in a release in 2020 that its ambitions would extend to its entire supply chain to help reduce the environmental burden the iPhone producer creates with its hardware.

According to Apple, its current commitments are equivalent to eight gigawatts of clean energy and will ensure an eye-watering 15 million metric tonnes of Co2 aren’t produced.

Last year, Apple announced more than 70 of its partners had committed to 100% renewable energy production, and by adding another 40 or so to that list, Apple’s making good on its promise. Combined, the commitment is the same as taking 3.4 million cars off the road.

Alongside its production partners announcement, Apple also confirmed that it would be working on an energy storage initiative in California, which will become one of the largest battery farms in the United States, with a 240-megawatt hours capacity.

Are you pleased to hear Apple stay committed to its carbon-neutral pledge? Let us know and check back soon for more news. 

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