Apple announces new password API to help password management devs New software will benefit consumers and app developers

Apple has announced a new project designed to help password management developers create more secure passwords that are more compatible with apps and websites.

Known as the Password Manager Resources initiative, Apple’s new open-source scheme allows password management apps – including LastPass and 1Password – to integrate with specific website requirements and the iCloud Keychain password manager within their apps.

The documentation reveals that Apple wants password app makers to work together on development resources to improve the quality of passwords, as well as document specific behaviors of particular websites, and improve user trust in today’s privacy-focused world.

The code, which is available to view and download from Github, features website behavior ‘quirks’ and specific password guidelines for apps and websites. Some websites, for example, tell users that they need to choose a password within a certain character count, limiting their ability to add an unlimited number of characters.

Most password management tools can’t work out these specific site rules, and so their secure passwords are rejected.

Apple says that it’s currently collecting data on specific password rules on websites, like the use of special characters and limited password lengths.

The goal is for developers to be able to access this data and integrate it within their iOS and web-based apps for compatibility.

The new project also offers data on websites that share a single sign-in system – like Google and Adobe – and asks for developers to incorporate data from the project into their own apps.

The stipulation of doing so is that developers must share their own findings, too.

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