Apple announces new workouts and guests for Apple Fitness+

Apple Fitness Plus

Apple has announced an expansion to its video workout service, Apple Fitness+.

Starting on Monday, kickboxing workouts will be added as a new workout type. The kickboxing sessions will be led by Fitness+ trainers Jamie-Ray Hartshorne and Nez Dally, and will be offered in ten, twenty, and thirty minute durations. Each workout will include several rounds of moves, followed by a final round that combines all the different moves performed in the workout, with the aim of building full-body fitness.

In addition to the kickboxing sessions, Apple Fitness+ has also added a new category of meditation sessions called “sleep,” which will feature new sleep meditations on a weekly basis. This is the latest addition to the Fitness+ collection of meditation sessions and is intended to help users relax and get a better night’s sleep.

A new season of “Time to Walk” has also been added to Apple Fitness+, featuring guests such as actor Jamie Lee Curtis, talk-show host Amber Ruffin, actor Jason Segel, chef Jose Andres, and actor Sheryl Lee Ralph (who was recently Emmy nominated for her work in the hit comedy series Abbott Elementary). In addition, the Artists Spotlight workout series has added a new playlist centered on songs from Beyonce’s newest album, Renaissance.

Apple Fitness+ is expanding its roster of trainers as well, with the addition of Brian Cochrane and Jenn Lau later in January. Cochrane will focus on high-intensity interval training, while Lau will lead strength workouts.

Until recently, Fitness+ required users to wear an Apple Watch, as it tightly integrated metrics and Activity rings goals into the experience. However, with the release of iOS 16, the Fitness+ service is now available to anyone with an iPhone through the Fitness app. Fitness+ is priced at $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year, or it can be included as part of the Apple One Premier bundle plan.

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