Apple Arcade: 5 Sneaky Sasquatch hacks to improve your gameplay

Apple Arcade is jam-packed with exclusive games, and one of the most popular is Sneaky Sasquatch, where you’re encouraged to partake in stealthy shenanigans, living the life of a Sasquatch, sneaking around campsites, disguising yourself, and solving mysteries and puzzles with your duck and racoon friends. No, really! If you’re new to the game, fear not: we have put together some hacks and cheats to help you get ahead and boss the iOS game…


Collect Treasure Map pieces

The main questline in the Sasquatch game involves collecting Treasure Map pieces, which will lead you to a crate full of coins to help the rangers cover their debts. You’ll find these pieces dotted around the game world, though for a few, you’ll need to take part in challenges against racers, skiers, and golfers. Once you have all nine, the game really comes into its own.


Go to bed

Just like us humans, Sasquatch needs his beauty sleep. If you stay up too late after dark, you’ll be transported back to your log cabin, with Racoon taking some of your coins as part of the inconvenience. Make sure you’re home when it gets dark and get some shut-eye.


Shop ‘til you drop

As soon as you start earning coins, check out Racoon’s shop (it’s near to your log cabin and is home to essentials such as a fishing rod, torch, and a shovel to help you dig up those mysterious mounds). Work your way up until you’ve collected everything in the shop – it’ll make your game much easier and allow you to explore minigames and more adventures.


Learn how to make money

As you progress through the early stages of Sneaky Sasquatch, you’ll learn new skills and find ways to earn more coins. As well as selling food to the bear at your campsite, you can make money by taking citizens on taxi journeys, partaking in races at the Race Track, and by winning skiing and snowball competitions. Once you’ve completed the main mystery, you’ll even be able to get a job in the town and work your way up the ranks at R-CORP.


Eat regularly

There’s a reason why you can steal from campers’ fridges, coolboxes, and barbecues – you’re a hungry Sasquatch! Make sure your backpack is filled with delicious foods and eat them throughout the day. If you get too hungry, you’ll be transported back to your house and penalised – it makes sense to eat on a morning and every evening before Sasquatch sleeps.


Do you have any other tips for playing Sneaky Sasquatch? Let us know and check back soon.

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