Apple Arcade now includes 100 games thanks to new additions

Apple Arcade has officially hit the 100 games mark with the addition of six new titles.

The Cupertino company promised 100 titles when the service launched earlier in the year, allowing consumers to pay just $4.99 per month for unlimited, ad-free access to premium games from some of the industry’s most celebrated developers, artists, and storytellers.

Discolored joins the Apple Arcade family this week, a title developed by Shifty eye. It’s a surreal, first-person game asking players to restore the color to a once-vibrant world…

Guildings is another new addition, by Sirvo Studios, the maker of Threes.

This story-driven game tells the story of a group of friends who go on a mythical quest. It’s super-fun!

Sociable Soccer has also been added to the deck, a cross-platform soccer game with a full team management system. It’s past-faced, totally sporty, and designed by Rogue Games.

Apple Arcade subscribers can expect an out-of-this-world experience when they play UFO on Tape: First Contact, a new title from Revolutionary Concepts.

This augmented reality game puts you in the shoes of a UFO hunter – expect the unexpected as you journey home.

Takeshi & Hiroshi was teased when Apple Arcade was first announced, and this original concept from Oink Games is a must-play.

It’s an hour-long short story about two brothers, taking place in the real world and a role-playing game one of the brothers is making.

Finally, Marble It Up by Mayhem completes the six new titles coming to Apple Arcade, designed by the aptly-named Mable Collective.

This puzzle game requires you to safely navigate a marble across treacherous landscapes – if it rolls, you’ll have to start over.

All six of these games are available to play on iPhone, Apple TV, and the iPad; at present, only three of the new titles – Discolored, Sociable Soccer and Guildings – can be played on the Mac.

That brings the total to 100 games on iOS and iPadOS, and 92 games on macOS.

At just $4.99/month, Apple Arcade offers subscribers unlimited access to 100 original games without in-app purchases or adverts, and all of the games can be downloaded for offline play.

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