Apple bans sideloading iOS apps on new M1 Macs It's bad news for users who've been enjoying iOS-exclusive apps on the Mac.

Although Apple’s new M1 Macs offered a major leap forward in supporting iOS apps natively, the company has designed to tamp down on running iOS apps via side loading on the new M1-supported machines.

The company made it easy for developers to open up their iOS apps to run on the Mac, because Apple’s new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac mini were built on the same architecture as iPhones and iPad. That meant that iOS apps could run well on the Mac without developers needing to make any changes.

However, not all developers wanted to open up their iOS apps for the Mac, and the likes of Facebook and Google were some of the biggest players to opt-out of the scheme. However, users found that they could instead install IPA files using an app such as iMazing, and then install them onto their Mac. However, Apple has now decided to block this workaround, making it impossible to add apps without developers’ approval.

The good news is that, if users installed an app before Apple banned sideloading, they should still be able to use it on their machine. Whether Apple will change this policy in the future, however, remains to be seen.

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