Apple Begins Ads For Gold iPhone 5s, A.K.A. The ‘Kardashian Phone’

Just before turning its attention to new iPads and MacBooks at its scheduled event in San Francisco Tuesday, Apple has began running TV ads for the gold iPhone 5s.

The commercial, which focuses purely on the aesthetics of the gold smartphone starts with a closeup view of a chunk of gold that slowly begins to melt.

That liquid gold then starts to flow and forms into parts that make up the gold iPhone 5s, including its volume buttons, the ring around the fingerprint sensor button and, of course, the Apple logo on the back of the iPhone.

The ad plays to the tune of “Ooh La La” by the music duo Goldfrapp.

Although Apple recently announced two new types of iPhones that are available in a variety of colors, the gold iPhone 5s quickly became its most popular.

After its release, the gadget was hard to find, and it quickly sold out online and at many retail locations.

Not surprisingly, many users began selling the gold iPhone 5s for more than $1,000 on Ebay shortly thereafter.

Besides the new ad titled “Metal Mastered” and viewable above it was also learned recently that while Apple was developing the flashy gold iPhone, those inside the company jokingly referred to it as the “Kardashian phone.”

That tidbit came from New York Times columnist Nick Bilton and has been corroborated by TechCrunch.

The “Kardashian phone” nickname wasn’t the device’s official code name or anything, just a silly joke — but it’s pretty funny to learn that Apple employees had fun with the device, especially when the Cupertino, Calif.-based tech giant can sometimes come off as stiff.

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