Apple brings Apple Music to the web with a new beta

Apple has launched an Apple Music for Web experience for the first time.

Currently available in Beta, the new web app offers a similar user experience to the new Apple Music app on the Mac, offering dedicated tabs for For You, Browse, and Radio, as well as porting over any playlists and recommendations from Apple Music on macOS and iOS.

Users are able to sign in to their Apple Music account to access their own content, and for new users, the company is offering a free trial to allow potential subscribers to listen to their favorite songs, in a similar manner to Spotify with its web experience.

However, users must sign up to Apple Music through iOS, macOS, or on Android at present, as the current Apple Music for Web experience does not offer a sign-up feature.

We’re hearing that the company will offer web signups in the future, however.

When users play content from their Apple Music libraries, it will play straight from the web browser and works with all modern web browsers including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

The new beta also works on Windows 10, ChromeOS devices, and Linux.

Apple naturally wants to create an experience that’s as widely available as possible so it can compete with Spotify and offer users more ways to listen to their favorite Apple Music songs.

Earlier in the year, Apple Music overtook Spotify’s paid subscribers in the United States, but just last month, Spotify announced it had hit 110 million paid subscribers worldwide, more than Apple’s at its last count.

With Apple looking to increase its services revenue, this latest venture is no doubt a way to make the product more competitive and increase sales.

Apple will reportedly be requesting feedback from users to streamline features and remove bugs, according to a report from TechCrunch. It adds that new features are expected soon.

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