Apple Car could change the way people think about vehicles

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A multinational company like Apple Inc. has changed the way of using technology. Steve Jobs, the ex-CEO of the company, promised people that the products such as iPhone or iPods were going to be revolutionary. Undoubtedly he was right.

They are launching new and updated products every year, which are solving bigger issues than the previous versions. The company has successfully changed the concept of smartphones, smartwatches, headphones, and many more.

So, when there’s a rumor about Apple electric cars, then there are obviously more expectations from the brand. People are going gaga over the fact that Apple can reconstruct the way of how a car gets designed.

 Let’s see how Cupertino (Apple’s HQ) can change the way people think about automobiles.

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Making the car-purchasing experience simple

Do you know when Steve Jobs rejoined Apple, he announced to discontinue all the Apple products and keep only four products? Yes, he simplified the buyers’ experience by giving them only four options: Pro laptop, Pro Desktop, Consumer Laptop, and Consumer Desktop.

Now, in the case of Apple electric cars, the choice can be simple. The features of cars might remain the same; however, people will get the options to choose cars of different colors and sizes. The cars might have different sizes of batteries and tires as well.

Another electric car owner company, Tesla, has already opted to sell the cars in iPhone-style. Apple will surely add some extra zing to increase their sell.

If you are a fan of Apple and are thinking about getting the electric car as soon as they launch it, you should start saving today. To make it easy for you, sell non-running cars to get some bucks.

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Cars will have customized software

iPhones might look the same but they can be used for different purposes (gaming, photography, recording digital painting, etc) by installing compatible software. Apple has never dissatisfied its clients by not giving them the latest features every time they launch a new product.

Apple phones have Siri like a popular voice assistant system with Artificial Intelligence.

So, similar things can happen with their cars too. Apart from using AI in Apple cars, the thought of having customized software in a car is indeed intriguing. There are rumors about Apple AR glasses too. This makes a possibility that Apple cars might have in-car AR glasses to make the in-car display exceptionally wonderful.

Smoothening the travel experience

Apple has a tendency to launch such products which cooperate with each other seamlessly. That’s why Apple can successfully set up platforms like HomeKit, where you can control your smart-home appliances by using Apple devices like iPhone or iPad.

If Apple launches their electric car, then it’s a possibility that not only your car-driving experience but your traveling experience would also be smooth.

Just think wouldn’t it be a great experience if you can change the thermostat temperature from your car while you are driving? Even using Apple Pay or Wallet by Apple, the parking charge or a ticketing fine can be automatically deducted.

 You wouldn’t have to worry about the security of your digital wallet; because everyone knows that Apple has a pretty tight security platform.

Apple car subscription

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As Steve Jobs started the Apple subscription model, the current CEO, Tim Cook, has taken it to another level. Apple offers many subscription plans such as iCloud, iTunes, Apple TV+, Apple Fitness+, and many more.

They can have a similar subscription plan for their cars too. As the automobile companies are leasing their cars for many years, Apple can also offer the same but in a more profound way. If you are planning to purchase this car and ship overseas, you need to know how to ship a car across country and how much would it cost.

You can get different subscription plans based on which type of cars you want to rent. You can also change or cancel the subscription according to your needs.

Basically, you can get a Lyft or Uber-type service but on a monthly basis. Apple can change the concept of having your own car even when it’s not needed.

Reconstructing transportation

Electric cars can obviously save the environment from pollution, but it is a fact that the cars take a big space out in the road. The transportation system is not perfect; mostly in dense cities like New York or LA, it becomes tough to reach somewhere easily because of the huge traffic.

People are expecting that Apple would look upon the problem and come with a smaller version of a vehicle that would not cost a fortune. This way, the vehicle would be more accessible and eco-friendly.

Apple can surely come up with some idea to design such cars that can solve peoples’ purpose and expectations.

Ultimate e-car technology

As the Apple car is yet to launch, there can be a probability that the above-mentioned things might happen. An autonomous vehicle is indeed a possibility; however, Apple needs to keep the car price affordable to its buyers; otherwise, all the expectations will go in vain.

On the other hand, everyone will be disappointed if the Apple cars are not proven to be the next-gen vehicles that have some innovative features.

However, it is also true that currently, Apple is the one valuable company that can only change the concept of cars. There is no other competition as of now.

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