Apple Car to be ‘under $100,000’, self-driving capabilities scaled back

Apple’s upcoming car will reportedly be sold for less than $100,000 when it launches.

According to a new report from Bloomberg, the Cupertino company is planning to launch its first car in less than four years’ time, with a 2026 deadline penciled in. The company is working hard to establish a vehicle for less than $100k to make it appeal to the masses.

As a result, some high-end features are reportedly being scaled back.

It had previously been reported that the Apple Car would allow customers to face each other in a limousine-style chassis without any steering wheel or pedals. It would be an entirely self-driving car and change the way we commute around town and between cities. However, Apple has reportedly scaled back this plan and instead will adopt a more traditional design with a steering wheel, pedals, and self-driving mode for highways.

Apple’s biggest competitor when it launches the Apple Car will be Tesla. The company offers vehicles from around $47,000, so Apple’s $100,000 model will be significantly more expensive and must offer additional features and functionality in order to compete.

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