Apple celebrates Earth Day with Apple Watch Activity Challenge

Earth Day falls on April 22nd, and for many, that will also be Easter Monday. Apple are marking this occasion with an Apple Watch Activity Challenge whereby users can net a special in-app reward by completing any 30-minute workout. And unlike certain regional challenges, this Earth Day Challenge will be available to Apple Watch owners worldwide, as well as nationwide.

With data from the Centers for Disease Control highlighting that only 23% of U.S. adults get the recommended amount of exercise per week, it’s a great initiative to get the nation moving. After all, technology is the reason modern lifestyles are so sedentary; cars, robots, computers, tablets and appliances have all made our lives easier, but also mean that we spend more time sitting down.

Just how revolutionary are fitness trackers?

The Apple Watch, as well as other fitness trackers, allows us to solve such a problem with technology. Admittedly, activity trackers are not as revolutionary as their makers advertise them to be – food journaling and calorie counting are a lot older than Apple. That said, fitness trackers have proved a fresh air for these old practices, and helped to quantify self-movement.

Each allocated step goal gives users something to aim for and provides that motivation to get up and get moving. Apple has not yet announced the event, but users will be notified of the challenge a day prior. An alert on the Apple Watch will invite users to participate.

2019 marks the third consecutive year that Apple has participated in Earth Day and ran a challenge. The tech giant often celebrates major events and holidays with special Apple Watch activity challenges, such as International Women’s Day and Heart Month.

The virtual awards gained by completing such events are stored in the Activity app and can be shared via social media. There are also stickers that can be used with iMessage and FaceTime.