Apple CEO Tim Cook Hints New MacBook Pro is on the Way

New MacBook Pro Models Remain Set for Reveal This Month

There is already good reason to believe that a significantly revamped MacBook Pro is set for release before the year is out. Furthermore, Apple CEO Tim Cook has himself, in a recently publicized email to a concerned Apple customer, hinted that a new MacBook Pro is indeed on the horizon.

Cook – or, at least, Apple’s executive relations team or public relations team, as MacRumors has suggested – was reportedly prompted by an email from a MacRumors reader, who took issue with the absence of a long-awaited refresh for Apple’s high-end notebook. Cook replied simply: “I love the Mac and we are very committed to it. Stay tuned.”

MacRumors indicates that it is unable to entirely confirm the authenticity of the email, but that – based on full headers seen by the news site – it seemingly originates from Apple’s corporate servers. It certainly isn’t unheard of for Apple executives to respond to customer emails; in fact, former CEO Steve Jobs was known to regularly do so, often giving similarly brief and to-the-point replies.

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