Apple changes corporate address for first time since 1993

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For the first time since 1993, Apple has changed its corporate address. One Apple Park Way is now Apple’s official corporate address, marking the completion of the new campus.

A symbolic change

While this change doesn’t impact the public, as teams have already been working at Apple Park for a considerable time and many are still currently making the move, it symbolically marks the completion of an undeniably impressive corporate construction project.

This change comes just weeks after Apple was finally granted occupancy permits for several sections of the main campus building, and just days after the annual shareholders meeting. This meeting took place at Apple Park’s Steve Jobs Theatre and it is no coincidence the two events coincided. Until this significant change, Apple’s contact page still listed One Infinite Loop in Cupertino as the company’s official address.

Eagle eye subscribers notice the change first

The first sighting of the new address used on official Apple documents were the forms filed with the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission. Apple enthusiasts also noticed the new address showcased in the email footers on emails sent out on Friday to Apple Music subscribers.

It was one year ago that Apple announced Apple Park as the official name of their new headquarters. They estimated 12,000 employees would move to the new premises by the end of the year, however, workers are still making the move today.

Not everything is going smoothly

There have been a few glitches with the new premises and just this week it has been reported that the glass inside is so clear that employees are walking into it – yes, really!

The interior of Apple Park is split into pods, separated by glass panes from floor to ceiling, which, Bloomberg reports, are kept so clean that distracted workers aren’t noticing it! They have tried to solve the problem by putting sticky notes on the doors, but these are swiftly removed as they ruin the design.

It seems even buildings deemed “architectural marvels” have their flaws!

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