Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak to be Immortalized in Game

Have you ever wondered what Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak does in his free time? I envision that he’s secretly a super hero, fighting crime in impoverished and crime laden areas, with his impressive array of high-tech Apple products. He would be “The Woz,” standing for truth and justice, accompanied by his handy iUtility Belt. Unfortunately though, the real Woz isn’t a super hero, but he does make a video game cameo as one.

Is this a big production that will sky rocket Wozniak’s career as a gaming star? No, definitely not. Is it a small-production movie tie-in that will immortalize The Woz in a completely unnecessary but hilarious piece of Apple history? Yes, a thousand times yes.

This soon-to-be classic piece of gaming features a tragic story in which J-Woz (the in-game name of The Woz’s wife, Janet) gets kidnapped. By what? Who knows, probably ninjas. I think the Woz could take down a ninja or two.

Lucky for him though, he’s not undertaking this perilous task alone. The Woz will be joined by Danny Trejo of Machete (film) fame. These two unlikely cohorts create a tag team of tremendous terror and wreck havoc across a variety of (probably) seedy locales to rescue the co-founder’s beloved virtual wife.

Why Danny Trejo, though, of all the potential partnerships in Hollywood? The game is being offered as a public relations tie-in to help generate hype for the actor’s newest film, Danny Trejo’s Vengeance. Who knows why they approached Wozniak (they probably assumed he was a super hero too)?

But honestly, it’s not like The Woz could have said no to the partnership.  Have you seen Danny Trejo? I know the guy’s a character actor, but every time he’s in character he’s going on mass murder sprees of vengeance or some other kind of street justice. I’d let the guy pelt me with raw eggs all day if he promised not to kill me. I doubt Woz had much say in the matter either.

All kidding aside though, I’m really excited for this game. I love the fact that The Woz is back in the media spotlight; I missed him. It will be interesting see just what the gameplay is like for this release, and I am curious if we’re going to see something with mass appeal like a casual puzzle game or a runner. We will definitely keep all of you updated whenever we receive more information on Danny Trejo’s Vengeance: Woz With a Coz, or DTV: WWAC, you know, since abbreviations are all-the rage. Stay tuned for more!

Photo Credit: React Games

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