Apple confirms plans to open an online Apple Store in India on September 23 Apple will finally launch a store in India.

Apple has confirmed its plans to open an online store in India for the first time.

The company will switch on its new online retail experience in the country on September 23, marking a new way for consumers to purchase iPhones, iPads and more directly from Apple.

The Cupertino company has made significant investments in India in recent years, including the introduction of a new iPhone plant, allowing iPhones to be made in the country.

Apple has also confirmed that it will launch retail stores in the country later in the year, though it wanted to launch its online sales and distribution arm before it expanded into retail outlets.

One of the reasons why the company is only just opening an online store in India is because the local government requires international companies to produce at least 30% of products sold locally.

Apple has been working towards that requirement, but the rules subsequently changed, allowing Apple to move forward with its plans to sell online and in retail stores.

When the new Apple India store launches next week, customers will be able to shop directly with Apple, and advice and Apple Genius employees will be available in both English and Hindi.

Before the launch of the store, all sales had to be conducted through third parties.

Speaking of the new launch, Apple SVP of Retail + People, Deirdre O’Brien, said: “We’re proud to be expanding in India and want to do all we can to support our customers and their communities. We know our users are relying on technology to stay connected, engage in learning, and tap into their creativity, and by bringing the Apple Store online to India, we are offering our customers the very best of Apple at this important time.”

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