Apple considering iPad Pro-style ProMotion displays for 2020 iPhones

Apple’s 2020 iPhones could feature ProMotion displays for the first time.

Introducing the new technology to the iPhone line could bring with it 120-hertz refresh rates, which would increase the responsiveness of the iPhone to the same levels as the iPad Pro.

Speaking on Twitter, @UniverseIce said: “Apple is considering a switchable 60Hz/120Hz refresh rate screen on the iPhone in 2020, and is discussing with Samsung and LG.”

The user doesn’t have a track record for Apple news and rumors, though is an authoritative source in the Samsung world, with Samsung known for supplying OLEDs for the iPhone.

Currently, the ProMotion display on the iPad can dynamically scale refresh rates to improve performance and battery life.

The device currently uses LCD technology, however, with Apple yet to implement 120 hertz on its OLED products, so it could be an engineering feat.

Other rumors of the 2020 iPhone suggest that Apple will adopt a smaller TrueDepth camera to allow the firm to shrink the current notch and a seven-piece lens system for the rear camera on high-end devices.

Another rumor suggests Apple is working on a new iPhone model exclusive to China, without Face ID and introducing Touch ID below the screen.

Apple is expected to continue offering three models (a cheaper XR-style model, a standard iPhone, and a plus-sized iPhone).

However, recent rumors suggest the cheaper model may forego 5G support initially to cut costs and push users towards the higher-spec models.

What are your thoughts on this latest rumor? We’re now just two months away from the 2019 iPhone models, which are for all intents and purposes expected to follow the ‘S’ upgrade cycle introducing minimal changes and holding onto the same designs as the iPhone XR/XS. Sound off via @AppleMagazine and check back soon for more iPhone news and rumors soon.

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