Apple continues 16-year reign as the world’s most admired company on Forbes’ list

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For the 16th consecutive year, Apple has secured the top spot on Forbes’ “World’s Most Admired Companies” list, outpacing rival companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Walt Disney. The ranking was determined through a survey conducted in partnership with Korn Ferry, where 3,760 executives, directors, and securities analysts cast their votes.

Out of the over 1,500 companies considered, Forbes narrowed down the list to compile the annual “World’s Most Admired Companies” list. Despite the challenges faced by the tech industry, Apple’s consistent presence at the top of the list showcases its ongoing reputation as a leading and highly respected company.

This year, Apple beat out Berkshire Hathaway, which came in fourth, and a tie for second place between Amazon and Microsoft. Forbes stated, “Even in tough times, the giants of tech continue to earn the respect of their peers as seen in the 25th edition of Fortune World’s Most Admired Companies All-Stars list.”

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The 2023 rankings for the World’s Most Admired Companies list were determined by surveying 3,760 executives, directors, and securities analysts in a partnership between Forbes and Korn Ferry.

The selection process involved narrowing down a preliminary list of 1,500 companies, including the top 1,000 US companies based on revenue and 500 non-US companies with revenues of $10 billion or more, taken from Fortune’s Global 500 database.

The ranking was based on nine key criteria, evaluated by the survey participants, including Innovation, People Management, Use of Corporate Assets, Social Responsibility, Quality of Management, Financial Soundness, Long-Term Investment Value, Quality of Products and Services, and Global Competitiveness.

Apple received high marks in all categories, securing its position as the top company on the list for the 16th year in a row.

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