Apple could bring AC and sound system controls to CarPlay

Apple could overhaul CarPlay in a future update to add deeper levels of integration.

according to Bloomberg, the company is considering extending the operating system to allow users to control their air conditioning units, adjust their seats, and make other settings changes to their cars using the CarPlay interface and Siri, which could be a big change.

The project is codenamed IronHeart, according to sources, and is in the early stages of development. It’s thought that Apple wants to make CarPlay the number one car infotainment system and better compete with Android Auto, encouraging consumers to make the switch to iOS.

For Apple to incorporate all of these features into CarPlay, it’ll need to foster relationships with automakers so it can access information such as temperature and humidity, speedometer, and more, and allow users to complete everyday tasks inside of the CarPlay interface rather than using the default systems that were designed by each manufacturer.

With Apple expected to launch its own automobile in the coming years, the company might face some resistance from manufacturers who want to keep Apple away from their internal systems.

A few years ago, Apple added APIs to CarPlay that allowed manufacturers to release their own apps that would appear inside of the CarPlay interface, but very few have adopted this.

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