Apple could have to change the way it promotes its apps under new EU law

Apple and other technology companies could be forced to change the way they promote their own applications and software on the platforms they control, with the European Union wanting to create a more level playing field for developers and fight against monopolies.

The EU is currently reforming its Digital Services Act and wants to review how platforms such as the App Store are protected. One of the proposed changes involves the way platform owners (like Amazon, Apple, and Google) present their services ahead of others’.

Speaking to CNBC, European Commissioner for Competition Margrethe Vestager, said that: “With power, with strength comes responsibility and part of that is, for instance, that you don’t promote yourself when your services (are) in competition with other services.”

The new EU rules would reportedly limit how much Apple could promote its own apps and services through platforms like the App Store. For example, Apple might be banned from promoting Apple Music ahead of its rivals Pandora and Spotify. This is all in aid of competition and giving rivals a fair shot at outperforming Apple in some key categories.

Regulators are expected to present the changes to the Digital Services Act as soon as this Wednesday (December 9), though if agreed, it’ll take time for changes to be implemented.

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